What is Arkansas Fire Services Directory?

Arkansas Fire Services Directory is an online resource for fire departments to prepare Act 833 applications in order to receive funding from the state. It also allows the general public to view information about fire services, including last certified date, grant information, department contact information, and more on an easy to use map.

How does the online Act 833 application process work?

Arkansas Fire Services Directory makes filling out Act 833 application easy! The application is broken down into a few steps: department information, assurances, service capabilities / equipment, and funding. When a fire department completes this form online, the relevant offices will review the application and either return the application back to the department for further modification, accept, or certify the application.

Arkansas Fire Services Directory is a central repository used by fire departments, county coordinators, mayors, judges and Department of Emergency Management. Any of the agencies can log in and instantly see the status of an Act 833 submission.

The online process saves countless hours by eliminating the need to mail, fax, or email applications between agencies. Once the application is submitted by an official, the next agency can easily review the application instantly.

How can I gain access to fill out an Act 833?

Please contact:

Louis Eckelhoff
Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
Office of Fire Services
Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Bldg 9501
North Little Rock AR, 72199


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Prefer to fill out the paper form?

The paper form is available here. Please fill out and submit to Louis Eckelhoff.